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Where in the World is Julez Travel? Lake of the Ozarks, MO

Where in the World is Julez Travel?

Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri was where my summer trip took us. What an amazing time I had with a group of 13 family and friends. Why go to Missouri? Wondering what there is to do in the Lake of the Ozarks? The Lake of the Ozarks have something for everyone! If you like being on a boat skiing, tubing, floating, or just being in the sun then you will absolutely love this destination. Don’t have a boat? You can rent one if you know how to drive one but if you don’t, that’s ok too! There are plenty of areas around the lake that have a beach so you can hang out or even some of the bars along the lake have swimming pools and a swim-up bar (very cool places to hang out for the day)! You can also rent kayaks, pontoons, jet skis and more. If golfing is what you want to do there are quite a few different golf courses for you avid golfers. If fishing is what you really want to do, this is a great destination to find that big catch and have dinner too!

We did check out the some of the tourist shops while there and they were fun to shop at finding that perfect soveniur. If you really like to shop there is a huge outlet mall (largest in Missouri) where you can shop until you drop!

There are plenty of places to eat. BBQ joints are one of my favorite types of food and the southerners sure do know how to BBQ so it’s well worth finding a good place.

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Where in the World is Julez Travel?

Where in the World is Julez Travel?

Julez Travel started because of my love to travel. The travels that I have had not only energizes and rejuvenates me but also inspires me to be able inspire all of you, my current and future clients! I love planning travel for my clients as much as I love traveling myself.

I’m excited to talk about where I have traveled, the destinations I’ve been to, where I’ve stayed or places I have toured. I plan to share tips, and communicate any travel changes that may occur in our ever-changing world.

Having traveled several times before and since starting my business I have visited some pretty amazing places and toured some incredible resorts that just must be shared with all of you! So, get ready to travel to places from the past, current and future destinations!