Do you like to plan your own vacations? Why is it still good to work with a travel Agent?

Can you be a do it yourself traveler and still work with a travel agent?

Teamwork is what it’s all about.

Are you someone that watches Planet Earth or researches different destinations and wished you could go to all the different exotic faraway places? I have always day dreamed about all the magnificent places that I wanted to travel to and always knew that someday I would get to them.

It’s so easy to learn about all these different places with YouTube, Instagram, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Google that it’s hard to not dream and plan to go to all these different places. People, especially Millennial’s want to have a unique experience to be able to share it with everyone.

This is where a travel agent comes into the picture, specifically ME (Travel Specialist). There are many of you out there who may think that the travel agent is a dying profession. After all, there’s the internet and I can just book it online! Some feel that when you work with a travel agent you don’t get to plan your trip and it doesn’t become your trip anymore. I can tell you that when my clients decide to work with me, this is their trip. I tell them, this is YOUR trip and not mine. I work with my clients and talk with them so they can visualize the experiences they want to have.

“What do YOU want to experience on your trip? “What does your trip look like in your dreams?” “Based on your research you’ve done, what is your ideal trip?”

These are some of the questions I ask my clients. I know that when you pick a place to travel you have many expectations of your trip. We want you to walk away from your trip feeling like you did everything you dreamed of doing (and more).

It’s inspiring to me when I find the do-it-yourself travelers. After all, that’s what inspired me to start my business. It’s my passion to help other do-it-yourself travelers put their dream vacation together. So many times, I have had these types of people spend many hours researching their trip and just weren’t able to put it all together or experienced problems through the process, that’s where I come in. You know exactly what you want to do and experience on your trip. Now we are going to have a more in depth conversation, because you have more knowledge about the destination you are wanting to travel to. The difference is, your travel professional has the tools and experience to pull it all together and make this dream vacation happen.

Consider working with a travel professional like Julez Travel to help all you do-it-yourself travelers so we can help create the trip of YOUR dreams! We can get together and talk about what your trip looks like and hand craft your travel. Nothing is better than having someone listen to your dreams and encourage you.

The Internet is for Booking, Julez Travel is for Booking!

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