Where in the World is Julez Travel?

New York, New York was on of the latest trip we took. Traveling to New York is an experience I think everyone should try (in my opinion). Why, you ask? It’s something that no other city is like. You can walk miles and miles without really going anywhere yet go all around the world. Walking around in Times Square is just unbelievable with all the shops, and building after building that are so tall you can’t believe they could get any taller. Can’t forget to mention the billboards that light up everything. Just when you think you’ve seen everything you turn a corner and there’s another completely different area like the Theatre District which has restaurant after restaurant and one Broadway show after another. Fifth Avenue has all the fancy and crazy expensive shops you know you’ve always wanted to go into, and the cool thing is, here you can and no one will look at you like you don’t belong. Then take a short walk up any one of the avenues and walk around Central Park. What a beautiful park right in the middle of this great big city. You can walk around for miles in this park and probably never see the same thing twice (unless of course you live here). Now it’s time to take the subway! Don’t be scared of the subway (I was at first but not anymore), it’s not scary and it’s a great way to get from one end to the other in a fairly quick and easy way. I found an app that helps you get from one place to the other, the hardest part was figuring out the darn Metro Card. Once downtown there is so much more to see. You have Battery Park, the Statue of Liberty, 9/11 Memorial (quite amazing and a must see), Walls St, Chinatown, Little Italy, and so much more it’s hard to mention everything. Like to shop? Chinatown is a perfect place to go for all those souvenirs you wanted to get at a great price, just be ready for everyone to invite you to shop with them. Hungry you say? Want some fantastic Italian food, check out Little Italy and all their amazing restaurants that have some fabulous food and drinks.

There’s so much more to know about this incredible city. Check out Julez Travels Facebook page and see all the different places we visited. Want to know more? Contact me at Julie@juleztravel.com so you can take a trip to New York and experience this incredible city!

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