Where in the World is Julez Travel? Belize – that’s where!

Have you ever been to Belize? Belize is an amazing country to visit and one of my favorites in the Caribbean. The country is very beautiful and the people are so friendly and inviting, it’s a must visit destination (in my opinion). I have had the incredible chance to visit this country twice (not the last) and stayed in two completely different areas. My first visit was to the small island of Caye Caulker which is a fun ferry ride away from the mainland. Did you know that Belize is on the second largest barrier reef? Caye Caulker is even closer and it has so much to offer! This incredible little island is only 4 miles long and 2 miles wide so you can easily get around without getting lost. There are no vehicles, only golf carts and bicycles. All the roads are sandy dirt roads which are fun to ride along on with your beach bike. Along the main road, you will find many little restaurants, bars and shops. The food on this island was some of the best I have ever eaten (I am a very picky eater), the fish was freshly caught every day and the flavors were incredible and so delicious! There’s not a lot to do on this little piece of paradise except relax, get to know the locals and have some rum punch at the beach bars. You can sit back, listen to music at the split (two islands that were split apart from a hurricane many years ago) and watch all the swimmers, kayakers and soak up the sun while listening to music. The water has so many different colors of blue and it’s crystal clear, it really is the bluest water I have ever seen. Want to get out and take an excursion? No problem, there are many different things you can do, you can either do water excursions or you can take a day trip to the mainland to do some cave tubing, etc. Are you a big snorkeler or diver? If you are this is where you want to go! There is the Ho Chan National Preserve which is right on the barrier reef and the Blue Hole. For me, this has been the most incredible place to snorkel by far. We saw eels, many different types of schools of fish, manta rays, sharks, dolphins and so much more! If you want to swim with the manta rays and sharks (nurse sharks that is) you can also do that (don’t be scared), I did it and it was just exhilarating! You can also take a short ferry ride over to Ambergris Caye which is a bigger island off of the mainland and stay there as well. On this trip, we stayed only on Caye Caulker. This truly was an incredible first trip to Belize which is what made me fall in love with this Country and the reason I had to go back!

Our second trip to Belize was a split between being inland and on the beach. We flew into Belize City, rented a car, and drove through the country till we arrived in Belmopan where we stayed at an amazing, quite, and secluded resort. We were there for 2 wonderful nights and had such a great time. We relaxed and explored the area and even found a place to watch a little football (the Green Bay Packers, of course)! Our last day we took an excursion, hiking up into the rainforest and then repelling down a 300 ft sink hole! It was scary and simply amazing at the same time and would suggest anyone to do this (if you dare). At the bottom of the sink hole it was so much cooler and amazing with all the different caves you could explore. Well worth the walk up and back. After our excursion, we headed to the beach and stayed at another very nice resort in the village of Hopkins which was only 1 ½ hrs from Belmopan. The fun of driving through the country is really getting to see the amazing countryside and how people live. It was absolutely beautiful and the people selling things along the way were so inviting and nice. When we got to Hopkins everything changed from rainforest to beach houses and resorts. Not only was the resort right on the beach, our cabana walked right onto the beach. Nothing like having an amazing view of the beach and ocean right out your front door! We were ready to relax for our next 4 days on the beach. We walked along the beach, swam in the pool and lazed the days away. While we were in Hopkins we had to take another snorkel excursion since we were in Belize, after all we are still on the second largest barrier reef! Now we get to see another part of the reef. The fish, coral and blue water that you see, really is just simply amazing! If snorkeling or scuba diving are what you like to do, I would definitely recommend Belize! Even if it’s not and the blue water and sandy beaches is all your looking for they have that!

There’s so much more to know about this incredible country. Check out Julez Travel’s Facebook page and see all the different places we have visited. Want to know more? Contact me at Julie@juleztravel.com so you can take a trip to Belize and experience this incredible country!

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