Who doesn’t look for a Stress-Free Vacation?

Who doesn’t look for a Stress-Free Vacation?

Most of the time we are going on our trips to have fun and relax, right? Many times, people stress out so much about the whole planning of the trip that they end up not planning anything at all. That’s where a travel agent comes in!

At Julez Travel, I take many of the trips that I recommend. I have also learned some valuable tips (and tricks) for taking advantage of everything your vacation destination has to offer. I can also warn you of possible delays when dealing with our security-conscious way of traveling today.

Julez Travel is in the business of repeat business.  In other words, I depend on you being happy and referring others to me for travel arrangements.  I can recommend just the right insurance coverage for your trip and you can be sure I am not trying to sell you something you do not need.  This also goes for recommendations on how you spend your hard-earned vacation dollar.

There’s a vast difference between buying an airline ticket and creating a vacation. Finding reliable information can be tricky. Blackout dates, restrictions and hidden fees are not always obvious to the casual consumer and mistakes can be costly. Then there is the process of putting all the pieces together – airlines, hotels, travel insurance, ground transportation, sightseeing – the list can be daunting. A simple phone call or visit with me, your favorite travel agent can help you avoid long, often fruitless hours of searching online.

Just as importantly in the event something does go wrong, I can, and will advocate on your behalf. Delayed and cancelled flights, missed connections, lost reservations, weather emergencies; we’ve seen it all before and handled the problem. Can Siri, Cortana, or Alexa do the same?

Contact me at julie@juleztravel.com and let me help you plan your next trip without all the stress.

Remember – The Internet is for looking, Julez Travel is for Booking!

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